Criminals have actually shot at police

Criminals have actually shot at police

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Chicago, Police

There have been 5 Chicago area Police officers shot in the past few days, which made me wonder how many officer-involved shootings there has been this year.

So, down the rabbit hole, I went.

Some of the overall stats for the Chicago area are fairly easy to come up with, but keep in mind these stats are only incidents that were reported. If there was a shootout in an alley, for example, but the police did not respond, those shootings may NOT be in the total numbers. Then again, we know the bad guys always call the police.

2021 YTD – Shot & Killed: 357, Shot & Wounded: 1743 = Total shot 2100 / Carjackings 632 BTW ALL were up over last year’s numbers.

Oops, take that back. Human trafficking was down 40%. We only had 3 this year.

The numbers that are not at all easy to find are the officer-involved shootings. Since, as usual, no one seems to agree, or they are missing complete data on the total, I tried to use the average. (COPA,, City of Chicago,, MSM blah blah blah)

There have been 36 police officers shot or shot at this year plus I found a report where there were 3 additional officers hurt in a hit-and-run.

Although it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, this is as close as I could get with the data that could be found. There have been 13 tactical response reports filed this year where a subject was injured or killed by the use of a firearm from January to the beginning of April. (The city data only goes through April 1). lists 9 as of today, so I must be close. It looks like 1 reason for the difference is they list killed or wounded and I am going off reports where the officer may have missed.

So, let’s recap the numbers 2021 YTD:

-Shot & Killed: 357, Shot & Wounded: 1743 = Total shot 2100
-Carjackings 632 / No wonder we can’t get an Uber that’s 3.5 per day
-Officer TRR’s (tactical response reports) filed = 13 (January – April 1). If we extrapolate it out that’s 26 YTD lists police-involved shootings for 2021 as 3 killed and 6 wounded. Again, I estimated off actual reports, which makes it look worse for police than it actually is since they missed some shots on target.
– 36 Chicago area law enforcement officers have been shot or shot at this year as of this morning
-Police have shot at or hit “alleged” criminals approx. 26 times

Police have shot “alleged” criminals approx. 26 vs. “alleged” criminals have shot at police approx. 36 times.

Hmm, Police 26 bad guys 36!

Criminals have actually shot at police more than the police have shot at criminals


By Brian Armstrong

CCL Firearms Instructor

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