Redline Concealed Carry

Remember the only ones there when the crime is committed are you and the criminal!

Why Redline Concealed Carry?

Remember, the only people there when the crime is committed are you and the criminal!

Taking any firearm course should be looked at as a long term relationship because laws, information, and products constantly change. Keep in  mind we all started somewhere so even as instructors we have our go to people to assist. We are always just a phone call away to help even after the class is completed.

Our Illinois concealed carry class office is based out of the western suburb of Naperville but we can set up a class anywhere in the Chicago area. Our location is private and not in a hotel setting which gives us more flexibility to work around your schedule. You do not need prior handgun experience and we will help you every step along the way.

  • We can provide a private class for a group you have at your location or ours. You would be surprised how little this can cost and some people are more comfortable being with people they know.
  • If you are new to handguns, we also offer an introductory course that includes a range time to get you more comfortable with firearms.
  • Need help filling out the ISP paperwork for a FOID give us a call and we can walk you through it at no charge.
  • If you have any firearm questions please call and we will try to help you out.
  • We offer both the full 16-hour class and 3-hour renewal if your concealed carry license is about to expire.
  • In some instances, we can provide credit for previous training. Give us a call and we can go over what qualifies.

Even f you have not taken a class or do not plan to still give me a call if you have questions. You will find any quality instructor takes pride in what they do and are there for you.

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